An update on fracking

Last weekend at the Scottish Liberal Democrat conference, members voted to lift the moratorium on fracking and unconventional gas extraction.

They also voted to support a pre-manifesto commitment that endorses a move away from polluting fossil fuels and continued support for renewable energy.

These two policies do not go hand in hand.

Scotland has missed its climate change targets for the last four years.

We need an energy mix that will help us cut down on emissions, not boost them.

Fossil fuels will remain part of the picture for years to come but our focus must be on reducing carbon emissions.

We don't want to distract from supporting renewables by opening up a whole new front of carbon-based fuels and energy production.

That’s why, at a meeting of Policy Committee last night, it was agreed that the party’s manifesto will contain a commitment to oppose fracking on climate change grounds.

Scotland needs a strong climate change policy that does not divert investment and research away from green technologies.

I believe we have that strong policy and I hope you will stand by our bold proposals to make sure Scotland’s energy needs are met by renewable resources that do not open up a whole new front of carbon-based fuels and energy production.

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