FM's evidence raises more questions than answers.

Commenting on the evidence provided by the First Minister to the committee on the Scottish Government handling of harassment complaints, Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP said: 

“This evidence from the First Minister raises a number of issues for the committee to consider. 

“We need to know why Alex Salmond got the impression that the First Minister would assist him after their initial meeting and what that meant. 

“This is also the first time that we’ve understood that there was an offer on the table of independent arbitration which could have helped to resolve the issues at hand with a fraction of the cost and embarrassment that the Scottish Government eventually endured. 

“Alex Salmond’s messages are clear that his legal advisors considered his case at the judicial review to be a slam dunk. Surely that should have been sounding alarm bells in the Scottish government. Instead they ploughed ahead at huge cost to the taxpayer. 

"The First Minister expects the public to believe that her husband knew Alex Salmond was visiting their home but didn't discuss it with him at all, even though it was a matter which she admits could cause a media storm for her party.

"I understand the difficult personal and professional questions these events have raised for the First Minister but this is a submission which leaves the committee with more questions than answers. She should expect to face more detailed questions in person."

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