FM must react quickly to burning stunt

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie has said that he expects First Minister Nicola Sturgeon to react swiftly to a silly and offensive stunt by SNP councillors in which they are filmed setting alight a Smith Commission report.

The video was filmed in front of Renfrewshire Council's headquarters.

Mr Rennie said:

"The SNP has rightly invested much distancing themsleves from extreme nationalists especially those who burn books. I would therefore expect Nicola Sturgeon to react swiftly to this silly and offensive nonsense.

"What these SNP councillors fail to understand is that they are condemning a report that their own party endorsed. They are clearly still progressing through the five stages of grief after the referendum.

"This is a test for Nicola Sturgeon's leadership. Will she tolerate this or send a strong signal to her members that there must be no more inappropriate stunts like this?"


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