Fit for the future

Our latest video features people from different parts of Scotland talking about their experience of parenting, the challenges they face and their hopes for their children’s futures.

It's a sad fact that children from poorer backgrounds are less likely to do well in school.

Less likely to go to university.

Less likely to enter the professions.

More likely to go to prison.

More likely to die young.

That needs to change.

But this means moving on from the divisions of the referendum and taking urgent, positive steps to improve education.

Getting fit for the future means building a Scotland where every child at nursery or school today has every opportunity to fulfil their potential.

That is what our penny for education policy will help deliver. Extra help to close the gap and boost nursery care, support for pupils in schools and extra college places. It will head off the £500m of SNP cuts that will hammer education budgets.

Our new party broadcast will set the tone for a Scottish Liberal Democrat conference focusing relentlessly on the positive things that we can do over the next five years to get Scotland fit for the future.

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