First Minister should embrace positive change agenda

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie MSP today called on the First Minister to reflect on the result of the referendum and embrace the positive agenda for change within the United Kingdom.
Mr Rennie was speaking after the First Minister told the BBC that referendum voters were 'tricked'  and 'misled' into voting to remain part of the UK.
Commenting, Mr Rennie said:
"I think the First Minister needs to calm down and take a bit of a breather.
"On Friday the First Minister said he would work constructively with other parties. By the time he recorded his interview on Saturday he had changed his mind. Within hours of a result he said he accepted he showed that he just can't help himself.
"The Prime Minister, the Deputy Prime Minister, the leader of the opposition, former Prime Minister Gordon Brown and senior political figures across the parties have been clear that a no vote at the referendum will not mean no to positive change.
"The First Minister still has a real role to play in the process on more powers that is already underway, as promised. I hope that he will take some time for reflection and embrace the positive agenda for change rather than scrabbling round for a new grievance to nurse."

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