First Minister’s statement on worth of P1 tests “deeply deluded”

Scottish Liberal Democrat Leader Willie Rennie has criticised the First Minister’s “misleading and obstinate” description of P1 tests.

Speaking this afternoon, Nicola Sturgeon asserted that the assessments took “less than an hour out of the entire school year” and provided teachers with “valuable information”.

Willie Rennie said:

“The First Minister is deeply deluded as to the scale of classroom time being wasted by P1 tests. It is an insult to teachers to make out testing takes up so little of their time and absolutely outrageous to suggest it gives them any information that they won’t have ascertained themselves over the nine or ten months they’ve been teaching them.

“The First Minister is adamant her policy is worthwhile. But teachers across the country have made clear the information these tests produce does not provide them with any unique or useful information.

“The First Minister’s misleading and obstinate approach is standing in the way of teachers being able to make the most of precious classroom time. This must end now.”

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