First Minister must stop trashing remain and make positive EU case

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie MSP today invited the First Minister to join him on the EU campaign trail in North East Fife to make the positive case for a remain vote.

His invitation follows the visit of Nicola Sturgeon to London yesterday to criticise the official remain campaign.  

Commenting, Willie Rennie MSP said:

“Flying to London to stick the boot into the remain campaign will not help persuade Scots of the huge benefits that we receive from our membership of the EU.

"Nicola Sturgeon refused to join the joint campaign but now wants to dictate how it is being run. Her comments yesterday were straight out of the SNP’s independence referendum playbook. Dredging up old disagreements and trashing the remain camp in London will not sway a single wavering voter.

“Many polls suggest that this is going to be a tight result and every vote will count. If the First Minister really wants us to remain in the EU she needs to practice what she preaches and start making that positive case for the EU.

"I want to give her the opportunity to make that case before it is too late.  I am inviting her to join me on a platform in my constituency in North East Fife.  If the First Minister picks the date I will organise the meeting.  Agreeing to join me will send a powerful signal of her commitment to make the positive case."

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