First Minister must rebuke SNP MSP over attack on councils

Scottish Liberal Democrat councillors have called on First Minster Nicola Sturgeon to rebuke Alex Salmond’s closest aide for an intemperate article which ran down local councils.

In article published in the Daily Record today, SNP MSP Joan McAlpine sought to undermine confidence in local councils, accusing opposition parties of calling for decentralisation in an “empire building” effort instead of a need to see more communities empowered.

 In a statement issued today, Scottish Liberal Democrat councillor Karen Clark said:

“Scottish Liberal Democrats are appalled at the insulting, sneering and hypocritical claims levelled at local councils by Alex Salmond’s aide. It seems like it’s one rule for the SNP down at Holyrood and another rule for local councils. These irresponsible remarks blatantly seek to undermine confidence in local power at a time when the SNP’s centralisation agenda is sucking up more power to the centre.

“Local communities living in Aberdeenshire or across Scotland have abundant talents and resources which have allowed them to accomplish great things in Scotland and across the world. The First Minister must publicly rebuke this appalling attempt by Joan McAlpine to talk down those local communities.

“Scottish Liberal Democrats want to put local communities back in charge of their own destiny so that communities can build a different and fairer society, shaped by the people that live there. Unless Nicola Sturgeon condemns these remarks we can be left in no doubt that the SNP are interested only in hoarding power to Holyrood and not in the true principle of decentralisation.”

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