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On the 26th of January there will be just 100 days until the people of Mid-Scotland & Fife vote for who they want to be their next MSP.

With your help, I hope they will be putting their cross in the box next to my name.

The Liberal Democrats have a long, proud record of representing Mid-Scotland & Fife. From Ming Cambell as MP in North East Fife for 28 years, Willie Rennie as our MP for Dunfermline & West Fife and current MSP for Mid Scotland & Fife. Iain Smith & Jim Tolson, as MSPs and our fantastic teams of local Councillors right across the region, we really do care about our communities and fighting to get the best deal for them.

We need to do everything we can to make sure we win in May.

By now, I'm sure you have seen lots of leaflets with my face on being delivered through letterboxes across the region but we really need to ramp up our campaign to make sure all of the hard work we have been putting in is not wasted.

Can you donate £1 a day for 100 days to make sure we win in May?

Elections are expensive and to win a regional seat across such a huge part of Scotland, we'll need to raise and spend more than ever before.

I need your help today - please donate to my crowdfunding campaign.

Best wishes,

Willie Rennie

If you would like to donate by phone or have a question please call 0131 337 2314.

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Donate £25

and you'll pay for 15 canvassing packs for volunteers.

Donate £50

and you'll pay for an extra round of leaflets.

Donate £100

and you'll help us post out leaflets out to some of the more rural houses.

Donate £250

and you'll help make our poster campaign bigger and better than ever.

Donate £500

and you'll pay for letters to key groups of voters.

Donate £1000

and you'll pay for a 50,000 tabloid newspapers.

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