Fife council votes against P1 testing

Responding to Fife council voting 41-26 in favour of abolishing P1 national testing in the region, Scottish Liberal Democrat leader and North East Fife MSP Willie Rennie said:

“Two months on from the Scottish Parliament’s vote to end the SNP’s national tests for P1s, and in the face of criticism from campaigners, teachers, parents and the EIS union, the Education Secretary continues to stubbornly plod on.

“It is now up to councils to see sense. Fife Council have done the right thing today. Teachers say national testing of five year olds wastes valuable class time and doesn’t tell them anything they do not already know. There is no logical, justifiable or democratic basis for it to continue.

“There was a clear majority on Fife Council for ending these tests. The SNP/Labour administration now need to work out how they will implement this vote so that no more young children in Fife have to be put through this counterproductive battery of tests.

“I hope that the other councils which have also been exploring putting a stop to this doomed policy will take heart from this vote.”

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