Ferries agency attempted to cow witness with legal action threats

Scottish Liberal Democrat transport spokesperson Mike Rumbles MSP has today called for the government to condemn the actions of CMAL after the agency attempted to use legal measures to get a parliamentary committee witness to withdraw claims that the award of a ferry contract to the Fergusons shipyard was down to incompetence, vested interests or corruption.

Expert witness Roy Pederson initially withdrew his comments under threat of legal action in a letter to the committee on 27 March. However, after receiving reassurances from the committee that his comments were protected by parliamentary privilege, he asked for his comments to be reinstated.

Mr Rumbles said:

“In over 21 years since I was first elected to the Scottish Parliament, I have never seen a worse case of intimidation and bullying from a government agency attempting to get a committee witness to change his evidence with the threat of an action against him of defamation.

"I call on the Scottish government to condemn this action from CMAL in the strongest possible terms.

“Attempting to interfere with the evidence given by a committee witness is utterly contemptible”

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