Federalism: Bring Our Country Together

By Ryan Cairns, Apr 15, 2021 1:04

After the year we have all endured, we need to bring our country together and Put Recovery First.

We need to move on from the divisive arguments of the past. People deserve better than the false choice of independence and the status quo offered by the SNP and the Conservatives. 

The Scottish Liberal Democrats have a third way with a comprehensive package of reforms to give Scotland a bigger say in a reformed UK.

Read our plan for a reformed UK

Scottish Liberal Democrats were central to the foundation of the Scottish Parliament, fair votes in council elections and more powers for Holyrood. 

Now we want to go further with a federal UK, a reformed House of Lords, a written constitution and power devolved across the nations and regions of the UK.

This is a positive programme for reform for improving our democracy. That’s how we bring our country together.


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