Federalism: still the best future for Scotland

The Home Rule and Community Rule Commission of the Scottish Liberal Democrats has published an interim report re-examining and refreshing the party’s approach to reform of the United Kingdom to address the failures of the status quo and give Scotland and the nations and regions of the UK a bigger say on the future of our joint endeavour to recover from the pandemic

The preamble to the Constitution of the Liberal Democrats commits our party to the promotion of a democratic federal framework within which as much power as feasible is exercised by the nations and regions of the United Kingdom.

As Liberal Democrats we are internationalists, we are federalists.  We believe not in erecting borders but in dismantling them. We do not think the politics of nationalism, the politics of grievance, ultimately the politics of division, are any way in which to conduct truly progressive politics. 

This interim report asks what are the minimum steps that must be taken to ensure a stable, fair and cooperative future for Scotland in the United Kingdom. 

We welcome the thoughts and ideas of those in our party and outside it who understand the need for action and we plan to publish  our final report in advance of the Scottish Parliamentary Elections in May.

The Scottish Liberal Democrats have long campaigned for Federalism and you can read our past work by clicking on the links below:

A longer piece from Lord Campbell on this work can be found here


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