What is your record in the Scottish Parliament?

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Our Record in the Scottish Parliament:

Over the last five years, we've punched well above our weight. We've held the SNP to account when they've got it wrong and delivered a surprising amount from the opposition benches.


Here's a few of the issues we've made a difference on...

Police Scotland:

We led opposition to Police centralisation at the last election and over the last five years, we've been the strongest critics of the SNPs policies for the single force.

The Lib Dems have challenged ministers effectively over the series of controversies that have engulfed  Police Scotland.

Armed Police

When the new single force decided that armed officers should carry their firearms when carrying out routine duties, we led the campaign to reverse the decision.

Our police do a fantastic job, but there's a time and a place for armed officers - and it's not when they're carrying out routine duties in supermarkets, high streets or on people's doorsteps.

Thanks to our sustained pressure Police Scotland eventually reversed the decision and stopped deploying armed officers on routine duties - a big win for Scotland's communities.

Stop & Search

In 2014 Police in Scotland stopped & searched more children than the Metropolitan Police in London.

Police Scotland have admitted to losing 20,000 stop and search records “because someone pressed the wrong button” and continued stopping and searching children after telling Parliament that the practice had stopped.

Police Scotland's use of stop & search was out of control - it's a valuable tactic that can make a real difference but, when used on an industrial scale, it can undermine the Police's relationship with communities.

Liberal Democrat called for all stop & searches to be put on a solid legal footing and establish a code of practice on how it can be used, and we won the argument.


Control room closures

SNP police centralisation has seen police control rooms across the country close their doors, with emergency calls being passed to staff in other parts of Scotland.

People have been forced to wait up to an hour to speak to police staff, and mistakes have been made in how calls are handled.

Willie Rennie led opposition to this closure programme at Holyrood.

Scotland’s police chiefs have been accused of adopting a cavalier approach as they prepared to close the Fife control room.


Liberal Democrats in government delivered big increases in childcare for families in England but provision in Scotland under the SNP was lagging behind.

Willie Rennie MSP led calls at the Scottish Parliament for the amount of free support for two year old children to be increased.

After telling us for months that this could not be done, finally the SNP agreed to extend free care to thousands of extra two year olds across the Scotland.

Extending free childcare

Civil Liberties:

Super ID Database

In 2014, the SNP proposed expanding the NHS Central Register and making it accessible to hundreds of government agencies.

The plan was eerily similar to the database at the heart of Labour's ID Card scheme and we, along with privacy campaigners have led the charge against it.

It's been 12 months since the consultation on the super ID database closed & the SNP have yet to respond - but we'll continue our fight against it in the next Parliament.

The Scottish Liberal Democrats have been fighting a lone battle against the erosion of civil liberties by the police and Scottish Government.

If you stand with us against the SNP's super-ID database, sign the petition here: scotlibdems.org.uk/nodatabase 

A team that gets things done:

Liberal Democrats have punched above our weight at the Scottish Parliament.

We have achieved all this with five MSPs. Scotland needs more strong liberal voices at Holyrood to help us be the best again.