Where do the Scottish Lib Dems stand on independence?

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Has your position on independence changed?

No, it hasn't.

We want to see a strong Scotland, with control of its own affairs as a part of a federal United Kingdom.

We believe that we need to move on from the damaging divisions on the referendum and start to heal Scotland.

We also believe we should be focusing on improving public services and using the powers we have at our disposal now to make Scotland a better place for us all.


So why do I keep reading that it has?

A few months ago, Willie restated something that's always been the case - that members can campaign for independence if they wish.

We're a Liberal party and if you agree with all our values and support our aims, we welcome you as a party member (you can join here from just £1) - even if you disagree on a few things, because we can't all agree, all the time.

We spent two years campaigning hard as a party to keep Scotland part of a strong UK. This reflects the position of our parliamentarians and the vast majority of our members.


So what is your position on Scotland's constitutional future?

We want to see a strong Scotland, with control over its own affairs as part of a Federal UK.

But, we also believe that over the last five years, we've spent a lot of time debating Scotland's constitutional future and public services have suffered as a result.

So we want to spend the next five years healing the divisions of the referendum and working to get our public services fit for the future.

That is why our manifesto will include a clear commitment that there will be no second independence referendum in the next parliament and a clear focus on improving our public services.


Okay, so why does this matter?

At this election, there's two parties who seem determined to drag us back - the SNP & the Tories, both for entirely selfish reasons.

The SNP want to keep speculation about another referendum going to distract from their poor domestic record.

The Tories want to talk about a second referendum to distract from the damage they are doing at Westminster, with cuts to support for vulnerable Scots, renewable energy and splits on the EU.

These aren't the actions of parties that are putting Scotland's people first.

At this election, it's vital that we focus on getting Scotland’s public services fit for the future. It's also vital we start to heal the wounds of the referendum.

If you want a party that will do that, you need to vote Scottish Liberal Democrat on Thursday 5th May.