Where do you stand on fracking?

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Are the Lib Dems against fracking?


The Scottish Liberal Democrats will include a commitment to oppose fracking in our manifesto for the Scottish Parliament elections in May as part of our ambitious programme to tackle climate change.

Have you done a U-turn?

At the party's Scottish conference members decided to lift the moratorium on fracking and unconventional gas extraction. However, at the same conference members also endorsed a move away from polluting fossil fuels and continued support for renewable energy. The results of these votes weren't compatible.

The party has since agreed and is now clear that we are opposed to fracking on climate change grounds.

The party's UK conference also subsequently voted against fracking in March 2016.

Why are you against fracking?

Scotland has missed its climate change targets four years in a row. We need an energy mix that will help us cut down on emissions, not boost them.

Fossil fuels will remain part of the picture for years to come but our focus must be on supporting renewables. We don’t want to distract from this by opening up a whole new front of carbon-based fuels and energy production.

Scotland needs a strong climate change policy that does not divert investment and research away from green technologies. Allowing fracking in Scotland would harm our pursuit of a greener Scotland and would not help the country get fit for the future.

But aren't the SNP and Tories investing in renewables anyway?

Scottish Liberal Democrats have consistently set the pace on renewables and low-carbon technologies.

In the early years of the Scottish Parliament we gave confidence to this new industry to invest, innovate and create green jobs by establishing the first ever renewable electricity targets. In the last UK Government we established the Green Investment Bank in Edinburgh, paved the way for pioneering carbon capture and storage and established the green deal.

After the breakthrough climate change talks in Paris the renewables sector should be thriving. However, the Tories are now reversing our green agenda and cutting the sector off at the knees.

Meanwhile the SNP has opted to cut the climate change budget by £50 million, including £40 million from the green energy budget. They have also failed to distribute £10 million set aside for the struggling marine renewables sector.

That is why it is so important that Scottish Liberal Democrats once again have bold proposals to make sure Scotland’s energy needs are met by renewable resources that do not inflict long-lasting damage on our environment.