What's your plan for our environment?

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Why is this important?

Scotland has some tough climate change targets but they have been missed every year since they were introduced.

We think it is time that we started taking the environment seriously. In government we introduced things like the Green Investment Bank that helped us massively increase the amount of energy we generate from renewable sources. We need to see this ambitious approach in Scotland too.

Climate change poses an enormous threat to future generations. Failing to act would be disastrous.

OK. So how would you boost renewable energy?

We will challenge the UK government on their withdrawal of support for Scottish renewables while supporting research into diverse new technologies like hydrogen technology and wave energy.

We would make the most of the resources that we already have in Scotland, diverting funding from the defunct Saltire Prize to protect jobs under threat in the marine renewables industry.

We would also introduce the first ever industrial heat strategy for Scotland to ensure that our businesses are as green as possible.

How would you cut vehicle emissions?

We want to see more Scots choosing to take public transport, or riding a bike or walking for shorter journeys.

We would work to deliver a new contactless payment scheme for public transport across Scotland. This would make it easier for people to travel by bus or train and give automatic access to the cheapest fares.

We would also support moves to make streets safer for pedestrians and cyclists, with more dedicated cycle lanes.

What about fracking?

We need to be focussing on exploring low carbon energy, not investing in technologies that would add to our emissions.

Our manifesto includes a clear commitment to ban fracking on environmental grounds.