European Election

We are in the middle of a battle for the soul of our country. The Scottish Liberal Democrats want to live in a nation with a character that is positive, optimistic and outward looking. 

With Brexit we have seen division between friends, family and neighbours and damage to our economy and jobs - and Brexit hasn't even happened yet. The division will only get wider, and the damage deeper. 

Together, we can make Brexit stop. By voting for the Scottish Liberal Democrats on May 23rd you will be voting to Stop Brexit, and be supporting a People's Vote.

You will also be voting for our positive, optimistic, and outward looking vision for our country. In Europe we can benefit from more jobs, with better wages, protect our NHS and Public Services and tackle the global climate emergency. 

We can do better, our country demands better. A vote for the Scottish Liberal Democrats in the European Election can help deliver change. 

Vote for the Scottish Liberal Democrats to Stop Brexit 

Yes, I'm in!


You can find out more about our candidates here, and read our full manifesto here