Environment minister must announce measures to tackle 12,000 Scottish sewage leaks

Speaking ahead of a Scottish Government statement to Parliament on reports than sewage spilled into Scotland's waterways on more than 12,000 occasions in a single year, Scottish Liberal Democrat climate emergency spokesperson Liam McArthur said:

"Recent reports have revealed that environmental protection officers found Scotland to be “way behind” England in solving its sewage spill problem. There has been an “unacceptably high” number of leaks and senior SEPA staff appear to have been hesitant to review Scottish Water’s operating licences in bulk in case it suggested the watchdog’s enforcement had not been strong enough.

"Scottish Liberal Democrats demanded a statement on these failings because it was clear that the environment watchdog's first concern wasn't for the health of our streams, rivers and communities but for their own reputation.

"Just days after the UK Government voted to allow raw sewage into rivers, it emerged that the Scottish Government was up to its neck in similar offences.

"The environment minister needs to tell Parliament what is being done to clean up this sewage leak mess and keep Scotland's waterways pristine."

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