Our Plan for Scotland

Protecting our environment

Protecting the Environment

Climate change threatens our way of life in this country and around the world - and we need to get serious about tackling it.

Scotland has missed its statutory annual climate change targets for the last four years. So action in the next five years will have to be strong, committed and cross-party.

We will beat Scotland’s climate change targets by developing bolder plans in addition to the existing plans.

We'll prioritise warm homes, renewable heat, low-carbon transport as well as continued support for renewable electricity generation and a move away from high-polluting fossil fuels with action to cut carbon emissions from industry.

Warm Homes

We will firmly establish improving the energy efficiency of Scotland’s homes as a national infrastructure project.

We will put the focus on renewable heat, adopting the first ever industrial heat strategy, promoting combined heat and power, using waste heat more effectively and developing geothermal heat from disused coalmines.

We will give the power to local authorities to tackle fuel poverty in their areas through better planning for district heating, renewable energy technology in new social housing and good energy performance in new buildings.

Low Carbon Transport

We will help build a low-carbon transport system for Scotland through a commitment to public transport, expansion of provision for electric vehicles and active travel.

Renewable Energy

Scottish Liberal Democrats in government in Scotland 1999-2007 set the first ever renewable electricity targets.

They gave confidence to this new industry to invest and innovate. We maintain our commitment to 100% of Scottish electricity to be from renewable sources and will take steps to make sure that this comes from diverse and expanding energy sources, to maintain energy security.

We will end open cast coal and will not permit fracking or similar unconventional processes which would open a new front on fossil fuels.