End the dithering or essential services will collapse -Rennie

The SNP Government have been challenged to end the dithering over the impact of covid or face the prospect of essential services like the NHS collapsing.  Willie Rennie says that, unlike previous surges of the virus, it is not patient demand that is threatening to crush the NHS but staff shortages because thousands are required to self-isolate.  

The Leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats says it is important that the SNP stops the spread of the virus and changes the self-isolation rules for key workers.

Speaking the day after it was discovered hundreds of thousands of operations were cancelled through the pandemic Willie Rennie said:

“This latest wave of the pandemic is threatening to overwhelm the NHS and other essential services. If the SNP doesn’t act now wards will be closed, operations cancelled, care service will stop, bins won’t be collected and the police won’t be on the front line to keep us safe. 

“Because the SNP Government has lost control of the virus so much of it is swirling around.  As a result, thousands of people are self-isolating because they are close contacts of people testing positive.  We’ve seen the impact on Raigmore hospital and other hospitals across the country.

“As it seems the connection between the virus and hospitalisation and risk of death has been broken, the nature of the pandemic has changed once again.  But the SNP Government is caught like rabbits in the headlights, dithering about what to do next.  The current position is unsustainable. The growth of the virus needs to be cut and the self-isolation rules need to change.

“Inaction will mean that these vital services will be at risk of collapse.”


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