End long distance placements and ensure access to family for care experienced kids

Commenting on the new report from the Care Inspectorate which includes a series of recommendations to improve the lives of children experiencing care in distance placements, Scot Lib Dem leader and former children's rights worker Alex Cole-Hamilton said:

"I believe that the First Minister is sincere in her desire to stand up for looked after children but this report shows that her government has veered between the underwhelming and the cynical.

"She needs to put real heft behind efforts to ensure that children are not send to distant placements and that wherever they end up, they are clear on their rights and have access to friends and family.

"I also want to see a new bill back in front of the Scottish Parliament at the next available opportunity incorporating the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child into domestic law in a way that is compatible with the devolution settlement. At the moment the only thing holding it up is her government's willingness to use it as a battering ram to stir up grudge and grievance with Westminster.

"With more than a decade of experience working in children's rights, I know how much there is still to be done."

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