End blunderbuss stop and search

Late on Friday Police Scotland snuck out the report of a study by academics into the stop and search pilot in Fife. You may recall this pilot was heralded by police chiefs as the new - acceptable - model of using stop and search on children.


Yet, far from shoring up the use of so called consensual stop and search this pilot looks like it will be the final nail in the coffin of this discredited police tool.  

The study found that objections by children were often ignored, officers used school visits to promote stop and search instead of engaging in meaningful engagement, its use soared and positive detection rates fell.

My colleague Alison McInnes MSP has led the charge against the excessive use of stop and search. The rate of use is five times higher than England and is targeted at young people even when there is no suspicion of a crime.

The report concludes the use of so called consensual stop and search should end.  Alison agrees - she wants to change the law to remove it as an option.   She's right.

It is time for the government to listen.  It is time to bring the use of the blunderbuss police tool to an end.

The full report can be found here... http://www.sipr.ac.uk/downloads/Stop_and_Search_Pilot_Evaluation_Report.pdf

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