Drugs death prevention bill is long overdue

Responding to Scottish Labour MSP Paul Sweeney's proposed Drug Death Prevention Bill, Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Alex Cole-Hamilton said:

"Everyone can acknowledge that Scotland is facing a drugs death crisis but SNP and Conservative MSPs have proven squeamish about actually grasping the thistle and putting in place internationally recognised measures for tackling the crisis.

"Scottish Liberal Democrats have consistently argued for a public health approach to drugs policy that learns the lessons for elsewhere in the world. We have also been clear that we believe there is significant leeway for the Lord Advocate to put drugs consumption rooms on a legal footing.

“While I have a lot of respect for Paul Sweeney who has seen the impact of this crisis first hand as part of his valiant work alongside Peter Krykant, it is disappointing that it takes an opposition MSP for these proposals to finally be up for discussion.

“Scottish Liberal Democrats will work constructively on a cross party basis to take forward these long overdue measures to tackle the drugs death crisis."

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