Covid ID cards will lead to unfairness and inequalities

Responding to the First Minister’s Covid update to parliament, Scottish Liberal Democrat Leader Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP said:

I am grateful that the First Minister has answered my call to exempt under 18s from Covid ID cards but with only ten days to go, there are still too many unanswered questions around the scheme.

“The arbitrary distinctions being made for businesses and venues will lead to unfairness and inequalities, in a sector that already struggled enormously during the pandemic.

“The First Minister has failed to explain what she expects in terms of spotchecking a 50,000 person sporting event or how venue staff are supposed to visually check a QR code. You can’t do a visual check unless you are Robocop.

"This will create chaos for the fans, venues and all the businesses that live around events. The First Minister is spending time and money creating a blizzard of new arbitrary rules for businesses."


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