Covid ID cards set a dangerous precedent and should be abolished

Speaking as the enforcement of Covid ID cards comes into force, Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Alex Cole-Hamilton has warned that the cards set a dangerous precedent and should be abolished.

Mr Cole-Hamilton said:

"From today, a new precedent will be set in Scotland. Your private, medical data can be shared with people other than your doctor, as the government demands.

Scotland is now an outlier in Europe, introducing Covid ID cards without allowing people to show a negative test or evidence of recent past infection instead. The ID card genie is out of its bottle, and I fear it will prove difficult to wrestle back in.

“The launch was a shambles and the IT system struggled to cope. The data protection is virtually non-existent, given that this expensive system can be outfoxed by anyone who knows how to take a screenshot. At the same time, industry leaders and human rights organisations have been dragging the government over the coals.

"What's worse is that these illiberal ID cards will not even keep people safe. It will breed false confidence and allow the virus to spread under the radar.

"This whole saga has been a shameful distraction from the measures that we know can help us defeat the virus: testing, tracing and vaccinating. Covid ID cards should be abolished immediately."

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