Council strike threat exposes reckless SNP government

Responding to reports that council workers in more than half of Scotland's local authorities are to take strike action as part of a row over pay, Scottish Liberal Democrat communities spokesperson Willie Rennie said:

"Unless the Scottish Government get their act together, public services will be paralysed.

"After years of the SNP Government in Edinburgh hollowing out local government it is no surprise that councils are struggling to put together appealing pay deals. This has always been the bizarre contradiction at the heart of the SNP. They are determined to reclaim powers from Westminster, yet ruthlessly centralise control in Edinburgh. 

"The SNP are playing a reckless high wire act, daring refuse and recycling workers, school cleaners, janitors and catering staff to go out on strike. It's time the Finance Secretary put in place a sustainable and long-term funding deal for local government."

“At our recent conference Scottish Liberal Democrats put forward proposals that would allow local authorities to make long term investments, encourage and reward innovation and ensure each local authority receive a fair share of Scottish Government resources."

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