Cole-Hamilton urges the government to leave fantasyland and provide data on Covid IDs

Responding to the Deputy First Minister’s claims on the effectiveness of Covid IDs on today’s (November 10) Good Morning Scotland, Scottish Liberal Democrat leader and health spokesperson Alex Cole-Hamilton said:

"John Swinney is picking and choosing his evidence on Covid IDs. The reality is, there is not a shred of evidence that his Covid ID scheme is keeping anyone safe.

“The Government is asking the public to blindly believe their words without giving them any proof. This is not fantasyland, their words must be backed by data and facts. 

"Covid IDs are an unworkable and expensive solution that is hurting businesses, while lulling customers who do jump through the government's hoops into a false sense of security.

“We know transmission continues even among people who have received two vaccine doses. The NHS, plagued by 14 years of SNP poor management, is doing everything it can to keep us safe. Pretending their efforts are a result of the Government's Covid ID is ridiculous.

“The government should be focussing their efforts on vaccines and an effective contact tracing operation not ID cards.

"It's time to ditch these ID cards and focus on what actually works"


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