Cole-Hamilton urges emergency recruitment drive to fix broken test and protect system

Responding to today’s Scottish Parliament update from the First Minister, Scottish Liberal Democrat Leader Alex Cole-Hamilton has urged an emergency recruitment drive to fix the broken Test and Protect system.

Today 5,810 new cases of Covid were reported, 82 more Covid positive people were admitted in intensive care yesterday, and 17 people lost their lives to the virus.

Mr Cole-Hamilton said:

“Scottish Liberal Democrats spent the entire summer warning the Scottish Government that Test and Protect was not set up to deal with a major surge. The First Minister did not listen to our concerns then, and now sadly our concerns are a grim reality.

“Alongside vaccines, contact tracing is the single most important tool to prevent the further spread of the virus. If the system is overrun with cases then ministers should be recruiting more people, not cutting corners.

"Reducing the information that contact tracers request, increases the chances of people with the virus failing to be picked up. It is counterproductive and potentially puts people in danger.

"There needs to be an emergency recruitment drive, and Ministers should spend their time fixing this instead of working on distractions like Covid ID cards."



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