Cole-Hamilton sets out priorities for parliamentary term

Speaking ahead of the return of Parliament this week, Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Alex Cole-Hamilton said:

"Over the coming months I want to set out proposals that will give people new hope after the division and disarray of the past decade.

"I want to draw a sharp contrast between the priorities of the Liberal Democrats: the climate emergency, the state of the NHS and opportunities for young people, and the priorities of the nationalist coalition. 

Commenting on the impact of the nationalist coalition on prospective parliamentary work, Mr Cole-Hamilton added:

“The coalition is lined with new rules that undermine the Scottish Parliament. The new ‘no surprises’ rule binds every single Green MSP to SNP ministers and would turn their FMQs and debates into a scripted charade.

“Scotland desperately needs new hope but with the Greens now signed up to support the SNP at every turn, Scotland is now stuck with the status quo.

“We need to fight the climate emergency with ferocity but without the baggage of nationalism. The planet doesn’t have time for the new nationalist coalition to drag us back to the all-consuming divisive constitutional arguments of the past.”

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