Cole- Hamilton: Scotland should provide sanctuary to refugees

Speaking after a debate on supporting the people of Afghanistan where his amendment was backed by the Scottish Parliament, Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP said:

“I am delighted the chamber agreed to my amendment, which sets out how the UK and Scottish Governments should go further to help Afghan refugees.

“Given the scale of this crisis, helping 20,000 people resettle should be the starting point, not the limit to the ambition. The Scottish Government should proactively evidence how we can help and show our readiness to make that case.

“Scottish Liberal Democrats are internationalists. We believe in championing the values of human rights, democracy, and equality. The international community must now act together, to use every diplomatic means possible to try and secure a safe route out of the country for those who wish to flee. 

“Scotland can and should provide sanctuary to refugees, and play our part in ensuring safe passage for those who need it.”


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