Cole-Hamilton: NHS plan shows SNP haven’t learned from centralisation mistakes

Scottish Liberal Democrats today said the SNP Government clearly hasn’t learnt from its record of calamitous centralisations, in response to the news that ministers could reduce the number Health Boards from fourteen to three or five. 

With the shake-up putting the future of health boards from Shetland to the Borders in doubt, Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP commented:

“The challenges that are facing the NHS will be solved through investment and the removal of the suffocating target culture. They won’t be solved through centralisation that would inevitably see power shift from local health boards to ministers in Edinburgh.

“The Scottish Government clearly hasn’t learnt from its record of calamitous centralisations. College mergers saw bosses getting bumper pay-outs at the same time as 152,000 college places were being lost. The imposition of one-size-fits-all policing severed community relationships and jeopardised the hard work of officers and staff.

“Previous attempts at centralisation have blown up in the SNP’s face and the sooner ministers realise one size doesn’t fit all the better. Hoarding more power at Holyrood is rarely the answer.”

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