Cole-Hamilton: NHS needs fresh action, not SNP neglect

Responding to the Health Secretary’s comments on GMS in which he admitted recovery from the pandemic would take years rather than months, Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Alex Cole-Hamilton said:

“The Health Secretary should admit that he had previously underestimated the scale of the challenge and that the present NHS recovery plan is not up to scratch.

“Staff are at their wits end coping not just with the pandemic but with the consequences of 14 years of SNP failure.

“What is even more astonishing is that despite admitting the recovery will take years the SNP are still promising to focus on another independence referendum as soon as next year. That’s starting to look like gross neglect.

“The Health Secretary and his cabinet colleagues should focus on ensuring the NHS has the support and resources it needs to get through the years to come. Scottish Liberal Democrats will continue to press the government to deliver new hope for our health staff, starting with a burnout prevention strategy for staff this winter.”

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