Cole-Hamilton: Lord Advocate's empty answer is not enough

Speaking after he responded to the Lord Advocate’s statement on diversion from prosecution, Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP said:

“Scottish Liberal Democrat requested this statement back in June, and I was grateful to see her here today, despite the empty answer.

“The government has insisted for years that diversion has been an important response, but we’ve just discovered today that it only happened 57 times in 2017/18. 

“The number of people imprisoned for possession only is the same now as the number we saw decade ago. The SNP are failing to turn policies into practice once again.

“Thousands of children are affected by parental imprisonment and drug misuse. It is time the SNP starts acting and effectively supporting these families.

"Today's statement cannot be the be all and end all of reform. We need safe consumption rooms and serious policy reform as demanded by Peter Krykant and others alongside the Scottish Liberal Democrats."

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