Cole-Hamilton: Liberal Democrats will oppose Covid ID cards.

Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP today laid out an emphatic opposition to so-called Covid ID cards, as the First Minister responded to his opening First Minister’s Question as leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats.  

Scottish Liberal Democrats have been vocal opponents of the move towards Covid ID cards, citing practical and principled problems with the dangerous precedent.

Mr Cole-Hamilton said: 

“Scottish Liberal Democrats are fundamentally opposed to vaccine passports as a matter of principle. 

“The rash introduction of this new system has practical problems too. It’s unclear how this will keep pace with booster jabs, or match vaccination programmes across borders. There is an endless list of questions for hospitality, young people, and every person in Scotland. 

“Perhaps most importantly, for the first time in our lives people will have to present private medical information to access freedoms in our society. The First Minister can offer no assurances about its limit – there’s no timescale and an open door to expansion.  

“Vaccines are our way out of the pandemic, vaccine passports are not.” 

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