Cole-Hamilton: Intolerable record low A&E performance at QEUH

Scottish Liberal Democrat health spokesperson Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP today warned SNP ministers that patients can’t be expected tolerate long waits at A&E this winter as new statistics showed the worst weekly performance since January and the super hospital in Glasgow recording its worst week on record ever.

In the week ending  11 December, performance against the A&E target fell below 90%, with over 2,500 patients waiting more than 4 hours to be seen. 284 patients were forced to wait more than 8 hours.

Performance at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, the super hospital in Glasgow, fell to 75.9%. This is the worst performance ever recorded at this hospital since it opened in May 2015. Of the 1,787 patients who attended this emergency department, 431 waited more than four hours.

Commenting, Mr Cole-Hamilton said:

“These are the worst national weekly A&E statistics that we have seen since January. The Queen Elizabeth University Hospital’s performance against this target was the worst since it opened.

“The warning signs were there. Scottish Liberal Democrats highlighted the fact performance was falling at the so-called flagship hospital two months ago.

“With performance continuing to plummet, SNP ministers must urgently establish what is now needed. Their experts have already been in and out, in and out of the QEUH. What will they do differently this time to support doctors and nurses and turn this around?

“Patients can’t be expected to tolerate long waits to be seen this winter.”

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