Cole-Hamilton: 'Inquiry must lead to timely answers to important questions'

Responding to the Scottish Government’s announcement that the first steps will be taken towards establishing an inquiry into the handling of the COVID-19 pandemic in Scotland, Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP said:

“There have been many distinctly Scottish problems during the pandemic. A distinct, judge-led inquiry is therefore essential.

“Last summer, the Scottish Government mismanaged quarantine and the return of students to campus allowing the virus to be re-seeded. Test and Protect was unprepared for the pressure of restrictions easing and tracing collapsed. People were discharged in their thousands from hospitals to care homes without tests or even after testing positive.

“This needs to be an avenue to accountability and responsibility for what happened in Scotland. For the families of care home residents in particular, who had information about their loved ones deliberately withheld until it was politically convenient for the SNP, this inquiry must lead to timely answers to important questions.”



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