Cole-Hamilton in Edinburgh to make pitch for young and green votes

Scottish Liberal Democrat general election campaign chair Alex Cole-Hamilton will today be joined by young activists outside the U.K. Green Investment Bank headquarters in Edinburgh where Mr Cole-Hamilton will call on young voters to register so that they can have a say in their future.

At a campaign event in Edinburgh while protesting the selling off of the UK Green Investment Bank, Alex Cole-Hamilton will urge young voters to make sure they register to vote before the deadline so that they can have a say in the future of the country. Mr Cole-Hamilton will declare that only the Liberal Democrats are making the steps necessary to leave behind a green legacy for future generations.

Alex will say:

“Leaving a sustainable legacy for our children is the most important task of this current generation and both UK and Scottish Government have failed in that task.

“The Conservatives don't care for the environment and the selling off of the Green Investment Bank is just one example of the UK Government rolling back progress made by the Liberal Democrats and neglecting the needs of future generations. Meanwhile the reckless cut to APD by the SNP will only further pollute our air.

“While the Conservatives continue to put forward a cold and mean-spirited vision of Britain, Liberal Democrats are committed to seeing a better future where we leave behind a world that is sustainable and green for our children and I urge those that want to see a greener future to vote Liberal Democrats.”

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