Cole-Hamilton: 'Huge questions remain' on cervical screening programme

Responding to an update from the Scottish Government regarding the wrongful exclusion of women from the Scottish Cervical Screening Programme, Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP said:

“This update only scratches the surface. Huge questions remain about how this error went undiscovered for so long, and why Ministers withheld details about it until after the election.

“This also does little to settle the serious anxieties many women and their families will be experiencing. Active risks remain for some, and signposting people to their GP isn’t enough support. The Scottish Government have a responsibility to ensure these women can access all the urgent and comprehensive care they need.

“This serves as a tragic reminder of the importance of cancer screening services, and of how important it is to see these programmes rebooted to deal with the post pandemic backlog as soon as possible.”


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