Cole-Hamilton: Health Sec should be embarrassed by delayed discharge rates

Scottish Liberal Democrat health spokesperson Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP has today called for the Scottish Government to ease pressure on hospitals by boosting resources for the care sector, as the latest statistics reveal over a thousand patients stuck in hospital unnecessarily.

The delayed discharge census at the end of May showed there were 1,451 people stuck in hospital. Of these, 1,136 people were stuck in hospital due to health and social care reasons, compared to 1,062 the month before. This accounts for 78% of all delayed discharges in May.

Mr Cole-Hamilton said:

“The Health Secretary should be embarrassed that so many patients are stuck in hospital when they’re well enough to go home, simply because the government hasn’t given care services the resources they need.

“The scarcity of community care packages is stacking more and more pressure on beds in front line services. We already know that when patients are trapped in hospital their physical health and mental wellbeing often deteriorate.

“Scottish Liberal Democrats demand an end to the social care scandal. The Health Secretary must take immediate action to eliminate these long waits and get healthy patients back home.”

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