Cole-Hamilton: Government needs to offer clarity on its approach to asymptomatic testing

Scottish Liberal Democrat health spokesperson Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP has today written to the Health Secretary, Jeane Freeman, urging her to publish the scientific advice which informed the government's approach to asymptomatic transmission in care homes and called on her to clarify her comments on the value of testing asymptomatic individuals.

Alex Cole-Hamilton commented: 

"Residents of care homes, and worried family and friends, deserve a clear and comprehensive explanation of the scientific underpinning of the Scottish Government’s decisions on asymptomatic patients being admitted to care homes.

"We knew from the outset of this crisis that older people were extremely vulnerable. Some scientists early in the year were stating that there was asymptomatic transmission.

"It's therefore difficult to understand why we would not have erred on the side of caution and tested everyone to prevent them entering the homes if they were positive.

"Care homes are the epicentre of the virus crisis in Scotland. The public deserves clarity. I urge the Health Secretary to publish the scientific advice on which the assumption that asymptomatic patents would not risk infecting fellow residents was based on." 

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