Cole-Hamilton: Government must hit the accelerator on social security powers

Responding to the publication of the Scottish Fiscal Commission’s economic and social security forecasts today, Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Alex Cole-Hamilton commented:

“The improvement in the economic forecasts is testament to the game-changing vaccines which have established a route for us to escape this crisis. However, continuing business and job support must be built around the fact some sectors will need longer to rebound. The impact of restrictions and dependence on international connections isn’t equal.

“Liberal Democrats fought for more powers for the Scottish Parliament but it is taking far too long for the Scottish Government to get itself ready to take on the weight of social security powers. The £3 billion system was agreed all the way back on the Smith Commission but only a fraction of that system is operational. Powers and people continue to be left with the DWP. It is time the Scottish Government hit the accelerator because this shouldn’t take a decade to complete.”


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