Cole-Hamilton: FM should block Salmond’s political return over RT ties

Scottish Liberal Democrat MSP Alex Cole-Hamilton has today called on the SNP to rule out allowing Alex Salmond a return to frontline politics, after the former First Minister used his RT chatshow to pour doubt on Russian involvement in the Salisbury chemical attack and deny that RT is a propaganda station.

While Mr Salmond spoke, the headline bar at the bottom of the screen read "UK and U.S. accuse Russia of breaching OPCW convention, despite no thorough probe".

Mr Cole-Hamilton said:

"Alex Salmond's editorial control means nothing if while he speaks misinformation can be spread by the channel through the text at the bottom of the screen.

“Taking Putin’s rouble ought to permanently rule him out from any return to Scottish politics.

“Nicola Sturgeon has rightly warned that Russia’s actions cannot be tolerated. With Alex Salmond defending his relationship with this Kremlin mouthpiece, will she now rule out giving Alex Salmond the opportunity to return to frontline politics? This is within the First Minister's power.

“I have filed a motion in the Scottish Parliament urging all groups and individuals in Scottish public life to take a stand by refusing future invitations for interview and to end any commercial relationships with Russian state backed media outlets immediately. I would like to see MSPs from across the Parliament make this commitment.”

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