Cole-Hamilton: Emergency services to receive 60,000 festive call outs

Scottish Liberal Democrat health spokesperson Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP today praised emergency services staff after it was revealed they are set to be called out around 60,000 times during this festive season.

A freedom of information request by the Scottish Liberal Democrats revealed that ambulance, police and fire services were called out on average 4,589 times a day over the last three Christmas and new year’s periods.

Mr Cole-Hamilton has highlighted their commitment and urged the Scottish Government to match it.

Reflecting on the figures, Mr Cole-Hamilton said:

“These men and women miss out on their own celebrations to keep us safe. As most of us are enjoying time with friends and families, they are attending all manner of incidents, around the clock and in all conditions.

“Police officers, ambulance crews, firefighters, nurses, doctors and many more routinely put the needs of the public before their own. Volunteers are out assisting people too, from the high street to the highest mountains. We can’t thank them enough.

“But what we can do is seek to match their commitment and ensure that they are properly equipped to do their jobs. For example, the Scottish Government can’t ignore any longer the black hole in police’s budget. We seeing the consequences of this across the service, from reports of officers buying kit in charity shops to more days being lost due to mental ill health.

“Emergency services must be given the same degree of support as they give us.”

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