Cole-Hamilton: Do you want local champions or SNP excuses?

Campaigning in Rutherglen, Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Alex Cole-Hamilton has today set out the choice in front of voters in Thursday’s council election. 

Mr Cole-Hamilton said that voters could choose between Liberal Democrat candidates who would offer new hope to Scotland by focusing on key priorities such as insulating every home in Scotland, getting new staff into GP surgeries and reforming business rates to reinvigorate high streets, or SNP candidates who obsess over independence and support a national government that cuts council budgets. 

Mr Cole-Hamilton said: 

“There is a choice in front of voters.  

“If you vote for the SNP you will get representatives that will make excuses for cuts to local services and care more about independence than they do tackling the cost of living crisis. 

“If you vote for the Conservatives you will get someone who was happy to stand under the banner of a Prime Minister who was partying while women gave birth alone and people said goodbye to their loved ones by video call. 

“But if you vote for Scottish Liberal Democrats you will get a local champion; someone who will sweat the small stuff like potholes and bin collections while fighting for you on the big stuff. Our party wants to insulate every home in Scotland to bring down bills and tackle the climate emergency, get new staff into GP surgeries and reform business rates to reinvigorate high streets. 

“From travelling around Scotland I know that more and more people who have voted Conservative or SNP in the past are curious about what a hardworking Liberal Democrat can do for them. I would urge them to give us a try.” 

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