Cole-Hamilton: Covid ID cards harm small businesses

Scottish Liberal Democrat Leader Alex Cole-Hamilton today warned Covid ID cards are a “deliberate diversion” after a new poll conducted by the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) showed that more than three quarters of hospitality and leisure firms are opposed to their extension. 

A snap poll of 500 operators from the FSB showed:

  • 50% of businesses oppose the extension of the Covid ID scheme  
  • 78% of hospitality and leisure businesses oppose extension
  • 90% of hospitality and leisure businesses believe it would lead to a drop in takings
  • 64% say that it would lead to a loss of staff or management time.


Mr Cole-Hamilton said:

“Scottish Liberal Democrats warned Covid ID cards would creep into every aspect of our lives. It is now happening and we will fight against it. This expensive and unworkable scheme is a very deliberate diversion from the real crisis in our NHS.

“They give a false sense of security because people in possession of a vaccine passport can be just as infectious. Covid ID cards should be abolished, not extended to more businesses trying to recover from the pandemic. The government should instead focus on the measures that we know can help us defeat the virus: testing, tracing and vaccinating.

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