Cole-Hamilton: Choose local champions with the Liberal Democrats

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Alex Cole-Hamilton has today delivered his final message to the people of Scotland before polls open on Thursday 5th May, highlighting a new poll showing falling support for the SNP and Conservatives and urging voters to instead choose local champions who will stand up for communities across Scotland. 

Mr Cole-Hamilton said: 

“The final poll of the campaign shows the Conservatives and the SNP falling back. At every level of government they have let Scotland down and taken people for granted.

“It’s time to move on from the division that has held Scotland back for so long. Let’s lay aside talk of an independence referendum and get to grips with what matters right now.

“That starts with getting Scotland back on its feet after two years of pandemic and by recognising that our people are facing the biggest hit to household budgets in a generation. 

“Scottish Liberal Democrats are seeing new shoots of growth and renewal. 

“My party has used this campaign to talk about solutions for the cost-of-living crisis: insulating homes, a VAT cut worth £600, a Robin Hood Tax on the energy companies making super profits and the reversal of SNP/Green rail and tax hikes.

“We want to solve the problems you face day-in-day-out. Putting every qualified teacher to work to cut class sizes and putting new staff in GP surgeries to cut waits. 

“Every Scottish Liberal Democrat elected will be a local champion who you will see all year round - not just at election time. That new hope is what you get when you vote for the Scottish Liberal Democrats.” 

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