Cole-Hamilton challenges First Minister as long Covid sufferers rise to 155,000

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Alex Cole-Hamilton today demanded that the First Minister prioritise long Covid care and funding after the SNP/Green Government devoted twice as much money to their referendum, despite fresh figures showing the prevalence of the condition soaring.

New figures published this morning by the Office for National Statistics estimate that 155,000 people in Scotland have self-reported long Covid – almost double the figure from a year ago.

At First Minister’s Questions, Mr Cole-Hamilton said:

“This morning we learned the number of people suffering long Covid has risen to 155,000. That’s almost 1 in 30 Scots.

“Last weekend, Dr Kevin Deans told BBC Scotland that the need for long Covid clinics was both absolute and urgent. ‘We can’t not do this’ he said. It destroys the baffling arguments from SNP and Green benches that clinics would get in the way of support.

“The First Minister is devoting twice as much money to her referendum as she is to this awful condition. What does she have to say to the 155,000 sufferers, many of whom are children? And will she revisit the issue of clinics today?”

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