Cole-Hamilton calls for the Government to deliver emergency plan for social care

Speaking at today’s (December 23rd) First Minister's Questions, Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Alex Cole-Hamilton called for the Government to deliver an emergency plan to keep care staff and residents safe over Christmas and beyond as shortages take their toll.

Yesterday social work directors admitted that lives could be lost because of the shortage of home carers and that they are “rationing care” like “never before". Glasgow City Council invited staff such as nursery teachers to undertake paid shifts in care homes to alleviate shortages.

Mr Cole-Hamilton said:

“The alarm bells are ringing across the country - in East Lothian, in Fife, in Glasgow.

“It means vulnerable people not getting a wash for days on end, meals and medicine missed and safety visits missed. One woman has been stuck in her bed for 19 hours a day for weeks. A man was left soiled for hours because there was not a second carer on hand to help change him.

“The government has been warned about shortages of staff before. I have raised it, others have too.

“The First Minister has to acknowledge that this is the deepest crisis we have ever seen in social care, so she must deliver an emergency plan.”



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