Cole-Hamilton calls for NHS Staff Assembly to plan future of health services

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Alex Cole-Hamilton has today called for a new NHS Staff Assembly to allow NHS staff to share their views, best practices, and negative aspects of their daily jobs, as part of his New Hope for Health series.

The NHS Staff Assembly, which would function like a citizens’ assembly, will provide an effective forum for staff to be heard by policy makers and contribute to the creation of targeted solutions to their issues and needs. 

Scottish Liberal Democrats have championed the concept of citizens’ assemblies and strongly believe that groups of citizens should be able to look in depth at issues, study the evidence and make recommendations. 

Mr Cole-Hamilton said: 

“The efforts made by NHS staff during this pandemic were outstanding and we should be grateful to their sacrifices and excellent work. 

“They are the best people to advise the Government. They live the NHS and are its lifeblood. Their personal experience is invaluable and should be at the heart of the conversation on NHS recovery.  

“Creating a dedicated NHS Staff Assembly to allow them to tell their stories, share problems and what works would be an enormous positive contribution to helping the NHS recover from the pandemic and over a decade of SNP mismanagement. 

“Staff are tired. Some are so exhausted that are on the brink of a burnout. We are seeing warnings that unless something changes there will be an exodus of staff. Not only will that be bad for patients it will pile even more work on those who remain.  

“I want to give New Hope to the NHS and its staff. I want them to know that the Scottish Liberal Democrats are in their corner. 

“The Government needs to start listening to the opinions, experiences and needs of the individuals working in the NHS. An NHS Citizens Assembly would be a powerful platform for change and help prevent ministers dictating ineffective policies.” 

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